Kurkijoki parish was located in central part of former Finnish Karelia in the shores of Lake Ladoga. The central parish village Lopotti (derived from Russian word sloboda, meaning market place) was located at the end of a 12 km (8 mi) long fjord. A fjord about as long is located in the border of Hiitola and Kurkijoki and some shorter ones in Tervu village and in the border of Lumivaara.

In that area there is also a distinctive 3 km (2 mi) long fjord called Kiiskansalmi. It is here and there only 30 m (100 ft) wide, surrounded by craggy cliffs and a real place of natural beauty. The coastline is bounded with an archipelago with a great number of variable islands. Bare and craggy cliffs are typical in this area as well as wide and low valleys. The variety of terrain and exuberance of plants along with the rich shapes of waterline make those sceneries unforgettable.


Бренд-стратегия для региона Куркиёки


Нами был проведен анализ текущей ситуации в регионе, а также предложен план развития туристического направления в посёлке Куркиёки, республика Карелия.


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